Pool Renovation

commercial pool renovation Portland Oregon

Portland Pool Renovation – Quality at an Affordable Price

In addition offering superior pool repair services, we also offer Portland pool renovation.  We can completely remodel your residential or commercial pool to fit your needs.  Whether you’d like to install tile, stone, concrete, or some other material, we can handle it!  We’ll happily install decorative tiles, backsplashes, new pool liners, and new entrance steps.  Our professional pool team is made up of craftsmen, meaning they focus on quality and precision.

New Pool Entrance Steps

There’s nothing quite like a nice entrance way to a pool.  It enhances the overall look and gives off an appearance of quality.  B-Rod’s Oregon team offers a crazy amount of designs to choose from, including thermoplastics, in case you want spa-heating.  The stairway into the pool is a crucial part of the overall structure because it sets the tone.  Do you want a ramp that you can walk down or would you rather have steps?  Either option is particularly good for tanning if you just want to lay in the shallow water under the sun.  Also, what a great spot for a young child to learn how to swim!  They can stay in the shallow water while they practice and get better.  We’ve got a wide variety of steps to choose from; just reach out and let us know what you’re looking for.  If you don’t know exactly, we’ll provide you some great ideas to check out.

Pool Replacement Liners

You would be surprised by how much of a difference the change of a liner can bring.  Changing the color alone can make a backyard or that hotel pool look completely different!  There are many design options to choose from, starting with traditional, standard patterns, to exotic tiling.  Choose from tons of color variations to match your pool deck and home in Oregon.

We provide free on-site estimates on all in-ground pool liners and we use the highest quality materials available, industry-wide, to ensure that this is a one-time replacement and not a recurrent thing.  We thought you might appreciate that 😉  In addition, we offer expert installation and maintain our fantastic warranty, so you can rest easy knowing that your investment is protected.