Home Remodeling: 2 Most Popular Projects of 2018

Buying your first home is an exciting experience that everyone should try at least once.  If you start from scratch, you can build anything you desire.  However, most people purchase a “starter” home.  Consequently, they often choose remodel at least one area of the house – the pool or the kitchen.  These types of home remodeling projects require experienced contractors.  We have relationships with many of them, which allows us to deliver a more complete package of services to our clients.

#1 Most Popular Home Remodeling Project – The Pool

During the summer, the most common home remodeling project is a new pool installation.  This process typically takes a couple weeks.  First, our contractors drive to your home to learn what you envision.  Shortly thereafter, we analyze your backyard to determine space requirements and estimate the potential cost to install your ideal pool.  Once we’ve agreed on a date and you’ve signed the contract, we proceed to purchase the required raw materials and plan for the project.  There are a plethora of details to consider, which is why we partner with other contractors to complete the work; each contractor specializes in a different area of home remodeling.

The first step in the process is digging the hole and removing dirt, which needs to be done by a certified excavator, by law.  The hole is dug in the shape of the pool, and it can take anywhere from 1-3 days depending on the amount of rock in the ground.  If rock is present, jackhammers are used to break it up and then it’s removed with bulldozers.

The next step is to shape the depression by hand with a trowel or other small tool.  After that, we prep the ground by laying a base, such as sand or gravel.  While this occurs, our metal fabricators weld together a steel frame for the shell of the pool.  The prefabricated structure is then lowered into the ground and outfitted with water pressure, heating, and filtration piping by a qualified plumber.  Then, our electricians set up pool lighting.  Finally, all utilities are connected and the concrete is poured into the hole or sprayed on and shaped.

#2 Most Popular Home Remodeling Project – The Kitchen

Due to high demand for home remodeling, B-Rod Pools has partnered with Let’s Remodel to offer pool installation and kitchen renovation in one package.  For our clients, this means one bill and a guaranteed level of quality.  The kitchen remodeling process is less complicated than pools, but still requires strong attention to detail.  Let’s Remodel has more than 10 years of experience in this field, which is why we’ve chosen to collaborate.

The first step in the kitchen remodeling process is to decide on a layout.  There are many kitchen designs available, so there’s something for everyone.  Generally, the choice comes down to a closed-off space or an open layout that blends into nearby rooms.  Open kitchens are the most common and are considered more modern, so many people go that route.

After choosing a design, you need to decide on materials.  This is the largest factor affecting the cost because raw material pricing varies greatly.  The first choice is cabinets.  Would you rather have generic cabinets or custom cabinets?  Should they be made of solid wood or decorative laminate?  The second choice is the island’s countertop.  Which type of island would you like – moving, static, fully-functional? What material should it be – limestone, slate, crushed quartz, marble?  Each material has a different benefits, so it’s important to review that.

Once you’ve chosen materials, you sign the contract and Let’s Remodel’s contractors begin your kitchen remodeling project.  This process takes two weeks on average.  Appliances are removed, old cabinets are taken down, and the area is cleaned and prepped.  After that, the new cabinets are installed and secured to the walls and floor.  Finally, the countertop is set on the island and glued into place.  Due to its weight and the use of commercial grade glue, it won’t move.

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